Donald deB. Beaver, Professor of the History of Science, took a mini-sabbatical leave from July 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001.
During that time he completed transcribing Sarah Bowdich’s 440 page manuscript, Africa, and began to identify some of its somewhat esoteric names and terms. He is continuing to work on her biography, and will devote part of the summer of 2002 to that project.
Professor Beaver published two articles in 2001, the first being a revised version of his keynote speech given in Berlin in September, 2001: “Reflections on Scientific Collaboration (and Its Study): Past, Present, and Future,” in Scientometrics.
The second was a collaborative article with Liming Liang, et al, on “Age Structures of Scientific Collaboration in Chinese Computer Science,” in Scientometrics.
During the past year, Prof. Beaver continued as a reviewer for ISIS, the journal of the History of Science Society. He also served as a referee for the 8th International Conference on Scientometrics & Informetrics, held at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, July 16-20, 2001.


Professor Beaver in front of Clark Hall