Courses & Activities

COVID-19 impact on Summer 2020:  Please note that the information below is not reflective of SSP 2020, which will be organized as a remote program. Updates will be sent to interested participants.


Biology lectures are taught by Professor Dan Lynch whose research focus is sphingolipid biochemistry and teaching duties include introductory biology. Topics in cell and molecular biology selected from our introductory biology course (BIOL 101, The Cell) will be covered in lectures where we emphasize the important features of molecular/biochemical processes and how these are important to understanding the “big picture” of life on earth.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, program participants have lectures in chemistry. This weekly format closely follows the schedule for introductory chemistry that students will experience in the Fall. Twice a week, students will conduct chemistry laboratory experiments that demonstrate principles discussed in lecture sessions. Chemistry lectures are conducted by Professor Christopher Goh, whose research focuses on metals to promote chemical reactions and the Chemistry laboratory sessions are led by Professor David Richardson, a researcher in the field of dart poisoning and environmental pollutant analysis and the former Williams pre-medical advisor.


Cassandra Cleghorn, Professor of English, teaches the English writing and literature section of SSP. This segment of the program meets twice a week and incorporates fiction, non-fiction, and poetry into the curriculum. In both papers and in class discussions, students are expected to offer critical analyses of the works assigned. Typically included in the literary works assigned are The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros.


SSP Students will typically participate in either an introductory calculus or an intermediate/advanced calculus section. We will place students into the appropriate sections based on mathematical background and a placement survey held at the start of the program. Professors Lori Pedersen and Mihai Stoiciu will teach the two sections. Introductory calculus will start with a review of precalculus and trigonometry and will introduce the SSP students to differentiation and simple integration. Intermediate/advanced calculus will cover more advanced integration techniques and applications, as well as the basic concepts of multivariable calculus.


Below, the schedule of SSP 2016 to provide a sense of the programming of SSP.

SSP 2016 Calendar - Calendar