Courses & Activities


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, program participants have lectures in chemistry. This weekly format closely follows the schedule for introductory chemistry that students will experience in the Fall. Twice a week, students will conduct chemistry laboratory experiments that demonstrate principles discussed in lecture sessions. Chemistry lectures are conducted by Professor Chip Lovett, whose research focuses on DNA repair and the Chemistry laboratory sessions are led by Professor David Richardson, a researcher in the field of dart poisoning and the former Williams pre-medical advisor.


Cassandra Cleghorn, Professor of English, teaches the English writing and literature section of SSP. This segment of the program meets twice a week and incorporates fiction, non-fiction, and poetry into the curriculum. In both papers and in class discussions, students are expected to offer critical analyses of the works assigned. Typically included in the literary works assigned are The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros.


Students participating in SSP will be broken into several mathematics levels depending on their mathematical background and their performance on a diagnostic test given during the first class. Typically, the students divide into two groups: introductory calculus and intermediate calculus. Introductory calculus introduces SSP students to differentiation and simple integration. Intermediate calculus covers more advanced techniques and applications including integration by parts and finding volumes of functions rotated around the X and Y axes.

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