Courses and Sample Schedule

Here you can find a list of the different courses offered for SSP 2020. A course description followed by the professors teaching is listed:

A Taste of Biology (Course A)

This SSP course will explore the biology of taste and flavor (yum!). We will discuss the chemical composition of various foods, how these chemicals are sensed by cells, and how changes in cellular activity in the mouth and nose are interpreted as conscious perceptions by the brain. Along the way, we’ll practice asking scientific questions and examining published data, including reading a scientific paper. Bon appetit! 

Taught by Prof. Carter

Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines: A Case Study in Compos(t)ing (Course B)

As a composition of organisms and reactions, a compost pile teems with chemistry. Using this rich environment as a model and a framework, we will discover the purpose and structure of both scientific writing and poetry. How do we as writers translate data into argument? How do we as readers reverse the process though analysis and interpretation? Learning the basics of how to read a scientific research paper and a poem, you will have the chance to apply a few of these principles in your own writing.

Taught by Profs. Cleghorn, Gehring & C. Goh

A Date with Data (Course C)

How do you engage with data, be it a word problem, a graph of information, etc.? What kinds of information do the data give you, what more information do you need to draw appropropriate conclusions, and when are our conclusions overinterpretations? In this course/module we will hone our critical thinking skills by applying them to problems at the intersection of algebra and general chemistry (and maybe some calculus), all with an eye towards giving you a flavor of the courses that you may be taking next year.

Taught by Profs. C. Goh, S. Goh, & Pederson

Mathematics and Poetry: From Order to Chaos (and Back) (Course D)

Mathematics and poetry share a passion for form. Words and numbers may be manipulated according to formulae, generating patterns both simple and complex: periodic structures, Fibonacci sequences, univocalics, golden ratios, and magic squares. But certain kinds of math and poetry also thrive on randomness and chaos. In this unit, we will explore lively examples of form and formlessness across the two disciplines.

Taught by Profs. Cleghorn & Stoiciu

See the SSP 2020 Schedule below:

SSP 2020 Schedule