Electron microscopy lab

The Electron microscopy Lab is a multidiscipline resource for students and faculty located in the Hopper Science building.  Students can do thesis research or semester research using both the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the transmission electron microscope (TEM). Thesis work has included geology students looking at the morphology and chemistry of thin sections of rock on the SEM. Labs for courses in geology, chemistry and biology use it to examine specimen samples. For example, biology students have done a study of fish spinal cords and the fine structure of nerves in the TEM, and chemistry labs used the SEM to look at nanoparticles in the sub-micron range. Summer Science students use the SEM to look at an assortment of samples from blood cells to hair to microchips. Winter Study classes also utilize the SEM and TEM.  Students are trained to do their own sectioning for the TEM, and obtain both microscope slides for the light microscope as well as thin sections for the TEM for higher magnifications.  A technician is on hand to assist students and faculty for both specimen prep and using the microscopes.


Contact Nancy Piatczyc – Electron Microscopy Technician ([email protected], x2458)