Morgan McGuire, Computer Science

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Morgan McGuire founded the open-access international Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques for scholarly articles on 3D graphics and will serve as its first editor-in-chief. His cofounders on the editorial board span academia and industry, including Google, Harvard University, Pixar, University of Tokyo, and Autodesk. This is an important step towards making scientific knowledge universally available and removing barriers to publication and access. Read their founding letter and journal at In addition,  Morgan McGuire published a new research paper on Scalable Ambient Obscurance with Michael Mara ’12 and David Luebke of NVIDIA Research. SAO is a technique for creating realistic lighting for interactive 3D applications such as video games, medical visualization, and architectural design software. He presented the work at the ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics High Performance Graphics conference in Paris, France.