Phoebe Cohen, Geosciences

Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science: Phoebe A. Cohen, Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Williams College

The Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science Award will be presented to Phoebe A. Cohen, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for her 2010 Ph.D. research, “Investigations of enigmatic Neoproterozoic eukaryotes,” which is a significant contribution to the fields of paleobiology and geobiology. “In respect to research excellence and accomplishment,” writes nominator Roger E. Summons of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cohen’s work is “characterized by broad geological and paleobiological understanding, fastidious attention to detail in experiment and observation, and an atypical degree of clarity in how her findings are communicated.” Supporting nominator Andrew H. Knoll of Harvard University writes that Cohen’s “broad and deep knowledge will serve her well in a new generation of teaching about our planet’s history.”